Adrian Joseph

Singer . Guitarist . Songwriter

My EP - 'Table For 2'

I have been writing songs since I was about 8 years old. Terrible ones, bad ones, Ok ones and some good ones (I thought they were good). Over the course of the past 5 years I have recorded a handful of the ones I thought were the best in my home studio and sold them at gigs and while busking. They were OK but I knew that if i was going to be serious about songwriting I needed to not only continue writing but I needed to spend alot more time finessing my songs and ultimately get them recorded and produced properly.

I can honestly say that the EP I have just finished recording and am about to release is just that. Its a product that I am so proud of because of how much time and effort I have put into putting it together. I worked with a great producer and engineer over the course of about 3 months putting the tracks together. Some of the songs that are included on this EP have taken me 2 years to write and thats OK because I can confidently say its my best work yet. 

The EP is titled 'Table for 2' which is named after one of the tracks. It represents a table with two seats which may or may not be occupied by two people at one time due to the pushing and pulling factors between them. The EP is currently in the mastering stage which may take a couple of weeks then its off to print. Very exciting times!